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Week of 11/23/15

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Have Yourself a Mystic Little Christmas



Part 1


Holy Day greetings to all with tidings of great joy!


With all the hype and hysteria the season brings, not to mention the catalogs, blogs, articles, books…and of course, the ubiquitous Christmas TV specials, you may be wondering what else there is to say about Christmas. The truth is, what The Calling has to say about Christmas simply isn’t said, or else is so buried in the aforementioned hype and hysteria that it just doesn’t appear on the radar.


This is what The Calling really wants for Christmas.


At The Calling, we have problems relating to almost everything having to do with Christmas in America. When the first Christmas catalog arrives just after Labor Day, the first Christmas ad for this year’s most violent video game appears soon after and the first ‘War on Christmas’ volley starts the day after Halloween, you might start to think we have a problem. In a world where millions of people are homeless and starving, Christians celebrate the birth of Christ with a materialistic orgy that exceeds all bounds of imagination and propriety with no end in sight.



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One Becomes One is the amazing true story of how Libby and Pastor Ahyh

met and married.


For deep insight into how The Future Testament and The Calling

came to be, you will want to read

this fast-paced real-life drama.


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The Future Testament presents new ideas, parables and real hope for today. More than that, The Future Testament provides a new way of approaching religion.


Because Truth is the ONLY religion!


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“Religion beyond belief” means that the real spiritual life is much more than believing in

creeds. “Religion beyond belief” means that the real life of the Spirit, faith and oneness with God, goes beyond the bounds of current imagination. Real religion goes beyond what we can currently believe. If you could catch a glimpse of your fulfilled, perfected life, you just wouldn’t believe it!  You are invited to experience Religion Beyond Belief.

                                  ~  The Future Testament, Faith 1:20-24


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God is NOT God's Name

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Updated 10/26


Truth is the only religion


Libby Maxey

November 15, 2015


Capitalism, fundamentalism, terrorism, fascism, racism, sexism, humanism, liberalism, conservatism, apocalypticism, hedonism – our individual identities seem defined by the isms we embrace, yet our isms do nothing but create schisms in our already fractured world.


The birthday of the Prince of Peace approaches once again, and we must decide for ourselves: will we embrace consumerism and buy, buy, buy? Will we be suckered once again by the hype and by selfish desires? Or will we decide to truly embrace our own Christ natures and live as he would have us live?


I challenge everyone to embrace a new ism this year: compassionism. This is an ism that unifies rather than divides. This is an ism that truly honors the Prince of Peace and demonstrates the peace that longs to shine from every heart. This is an ism that serves the Self rather than the selfish.


Let your gifts this year be gifts of giving. Express your compassion for the world’s children by adopting a child through World Vision, one of The Calling’s favorite charitable organizations. You will be able to correspond with your adopted child, send small gifts and watch her grow and thrive. You will save a precious life.


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