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"Jesus Died for You"


We have misunderstood the Gospel of Christ.

I know how that sounds. Controversial. Sacrilegious. Cultic. Heretical. Satanic. But it is nevertheless the truth. The purpose of this writing is to express as clearly as I can the root and flower of this misunderstanding, and to succinctly explain the true meaning of the Gospel. It will then be left to the thoughtful reader to come to his or her own conclusions. As an overview I will state simply that the good news is much better than we have realized; much better than most of us can even imagine.

Chapter 1: Overview and Introduction

Chapter 2: The Creation

Chapter 3: The Garden of Eden

Chapter 4: Forbidding the Fruit

Chapter 5: Eating the Fruit

Chapter 6: Leaving The Garden

Chapter 7: Summary of the Garden of Eden

Chapter 8: Life Between the Gardens

Chapter 9: In the Garden of Gethsemane

Chapter 10: The Essence of Christ's Passion

Chapter 11: The Proper Understanding of The Gospel


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