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Painting by the numbers

Updated for budgeted 2004 figures.

6,000,000,000 Approximate world population (That's 6 billion, or 6,000 cities each with a population of 1 million)
$862,000,000,000 Approximate world-wide military budget, 1998, according to the Center for Defense Information, cdi.org
$2,361,643,836 a day
$98,401,826 an hour
$1,640,030 a minute
$27334 World-wide military spending each Second
45,000 Approximate number of people who die of starvation every day or malnutrition-related diseases world-wide, according to the Center For Disease Control.
$24 Dollars in one MONTH it takes World Vision to feed, house, clothe & educate a child in India, Africa, or Indonesia
$0.80 Cost per DAY to do this.  As in 60 hundredths of a dollar, as in 6 tenths of a dollar.  That is 60 cents.
$36,000 Daily cost to feed, house, clothe and educate all people who die of starvation
0.021951 Amount of time military spending would need to be suspended to feed these people, in minutes
1.317049 That's 1.3 seconds, or 130% of a second, as in just over 1 second, but not even close to 2 seconds military spending would need to be suspended in order to feed, clothe, house and educate all the people who die of starvation every day.

Think globally.....Think universally......


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