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Dear friends,

For twenty years, we have been The Church of Yahweh, a document-rich website found through search engines. And in all that time, all the knowledge and wisdom that has touched thousands upon thousands of lives has been absolutely free.

We'd like to keep it that way!


For our twentieth anniversary, we have become The Calling, an interactive website with podcasts, video lessons, original music...and documents, of course!

And so much more!


Our relationship with you is sacred, and that is why we're doing our best to keep our information free...But "lights, camera, action!" is much more costly than a document-only website.

With a multimedia approach, The Calling has unlimited potential to touch people around the world with our message of healing and fulfillment.



Why contribute to The Calling?


Your contribution helps us to keep The Calling free and unrestricted for everyone. With The Calling, you are a partner in letting God’s beloved children know that He loves all of us exactly as we are, without exception, and He was never angry with us. You are part of providing life-changing acceptance to the millions who can no longer find agreement in today’s version of Christianity.


What happens when you give to The Calling?


It might be better to tell you what won’t happen! We won’t break ground on a mega-church facility or buy any airplanes! We won’t spend big money on advertising or publicity tours. We won’t buy fancy houses or cars. We won’t share your information with anyone ever, period.



Here is what we will be able to do:

• Continue paying for our web-space,

• Pay the dedicated team that brings you everything you see and hear on our website (and keep our very-normal homes and cars in good repair),

• Repair or replace our equipment as it breaks down or becomes obsolete,

• Continue self-publishing our new books on a budget, and count on you to help us get the word out,

• Fly coach when you ask us to speak at your gatherings, and

• “Pay it forward” and contribute to worthy charities, worldwide.


Why get involved with The Calling?


The Calling is more than a website; it’s a community of open-minded people who are committed to learning and growing their Christ-selves to fulfillment. It isn’t easy work, and we all need the fellowship and understanding of like minds.


We need you, because the work of The Calling requires coordination and cooperation. Word of mouth remains the most effective way to spread our message, so we need you to share The Calling with friends and family, on social media and everywhere.


We need you because we don’t know everything and we make mistakes. We need your input, ideas and feedback, and we really do want to hear from you!

Send us your email queries to Contact@yhwh.com.



The Calling: your Spirit-filled cyber-location!